The Haven 2000 benefits from having Maria Riley, an experienced and fully qualified Teacher with specialist training in Early Years. Maria and the Preschool Unit team teach children from the age of 3 until they leave to start Reception in School.

Maria has links with local schools and prepares the children very well to meet the social and academic challenges of Reception class.

The Ofsted Inspector said when she inspected the Haven 2000 on 27th August 2014,

” The quality of teaching and learning is exceptional as staff have excellent knowledge of how children learn. This is supported through precise accurate assessment and planning for individual children to ensure they make excellent progress. They support challenge and inspire children to become active independent learners. As a result children are well prepared for any future learning, for example in school.”

Not only do the Preschool children at The Haven receive quality education but they have the advantage of being in a ratio of 1 to 8. This means they benefit from close supervision and more one to one attention.

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