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  • Key Dates

    September 2018

    No 15 hour funded sessions on Monday 3rd.


    October 2018

    No 15 hour funded sessions Monday 22nd to Monday 29th inclusive.

    30 hour funding is stretched according to your own childcare agreement.


    December 2018

    No 15 hour funded sessions Thursday 20th December 2018 to Wednesday 2nd January 2019 inclusive.

    Haven closes at the end of Friday 21st December 2018.


    January 2019

    Haven opens 7am /8 am Wednesday 2nd 2019.


    February 2019.

    No 15 hour funded sessions Monday 11th to Friday 15th  inclusive


    April 2019

    Bank Holiday Monday 22nd. Haven Closed Tuesday 23rd.

    Haven Re opens Wednesday 24th.

    No 15 hour funded sessions Monday 8th to Tuesday 23rd inclusive.


    May 2019

    Bank Holiday Monday 6th and Monday 27th.

    No 15 hour funded sessions Tuesday 28th  May to Friday 31st  inclusive.


    July 2019

    No 15 hour funded sessions Monday 22nd July to Monday 3rd September inclusive.


    August 2019

    No 15 hour funded sessions in August.

    Haven closed Monday 12th to Monday 26th inclusive.


  • Events

    Tweenie/Baby Video Of Schemas

    Thursday 6th December 2018. 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.


    Did you know that throwing that food may not be bad behaviour. It could be that your child is very cleverly developing a Trajectory Schema! Schemas are patterns of repeated behaviour which young children practice in order to learn about the world. We are observing your babies and tweenies and will share their schemas with you through video!




    Trip To Linden Rd. Post Box To Post Christmas Cards

    Thursday 3th December 2018.  9.30 a.m.



    ChristmasJumper Day In Aid Of The Felicity Fund.

    Friday 14th December 2018.



    Staff And Children Have Christmas Dinner Together

    Friday  14th December 2018.



    Carol Concert

    Monday 17th December 2018.  10.30 a.m. and repeat performance at 2.30 p.m.



    Christmas Parties

    Wednesday 19th December 2018.  a.m. and p.m. sessions



    Parent/Carer Consultation Evening

    January 3rd 2019.  6 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.






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  • Latest News

    • Communication Friendly Award

      Bedford Borough Council have awarded The Haven 2000 a Communication Friendly Award


      View the full report here:

    • Healthy Smiles’ On Show at The Haven 2000 Nursery and Preschool

      Healthy Smiles’ On Show at The Haven 2000 Nursery and Preschool



      Mayor Dave Hodgson and Councillor and Louise Jackson, Portfolio Holder for Public Health, went to The Haven 2000 Nursery and Preschool this week and saw  ‘Healthy Smiles’, a tooth brushing programme for Bedford Borough schools and early years settings, in action.


      Tooth decay is the most common oral disease in children but it is almost entirely preventable. ‘Healthy Smiles’ supports services working with young children to improve the dental health of the children in their care.


      By promoting a positive oral health message, reducing the frequency of sugary food and drinks given to children, and introducing a supervised tooth brushing programme, ‘Healthy Smiles’ is expected to have a really positive impact on children’s dental health.


      Mayor Dave Hodgson said “I was delighted to visit The Haven 2000 Nursery and Preschool, and hear about the work they have been doing as part of ‘Healthy Smiles’. They have been very pro-active in introducing the programme, and are really seeing the results and should be congratulated on all their hard work.”


      Councillor Louise Jackson added “As a mum I know how difficult it can be to avoid sugary foods and drinks and make sure children brush their teeth effectively, but there are three simple steps you can take with your kids to protect their teeth: visit the dentist regularly from an early age; keep sugary drinks and food to mealtimes only; and brush twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, spitting and not rinsing afterwards.”

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