Nursery and Pre-School Rooms

  • Beannie Room

    Our Beannie Room is a cosy area accommodating up to 9 babies and toddlers up to the age of 2. It is a calm environment that makes little ones feel secure and comfortable.

    The Beannie Room’s caring and experienced Practitioners get to know your child very well and will share your child’s wellbeing and experiences with you each day.

    Our dedicated cot room allows our babies to sleep undisturbed and cot beds are made available to help your little one make the transition from cot to bed.

    Sleeping areas are equipped with CCTV, baby monitors and physically checked by nursery staff every 10 minutes.

    Our babies and toddlers are encouraged to think, explore and experiment through play. Haven “Beannies” go out in the garden at least twice a day, helping them to extend their knowledge of the world.

  • Tweenie Room

    Children make the transition next from Beannies to Tweenies at the age of 2 and stay until around the age of 3.

    Tweenie Key Persons support Parents and Carers with the developmental changes that occur at this stage such as toileting, early language and toddler behaviour.

    They plan activities to teach sharing, socializing and the acquisition of new skills.

    There is a separate sleep room, allowing children to sleep undisturbed, equipped with CCTV and checked by Staff every 10 minutes.

  • Rising 3s

    This room is for the children who will shortly or who have just turned 3 years old.

    The emphasis at this stage is on developing independence and early education through play. For example, children enjoy learning about number and shape through song and role play and learn how to develop their language and social skills through interactive group activities.

    We help children develop self-care skills, such as toileting, feeding themselves, washing hands and putting on shoes.

  • Preschool

    Teaching in these rooms further develops children’s academic, social and self care skills in preparation for School.

    Our team are passionate about helping children to develop their own potential and empowering them as learners.

    They never lose sight of the fact that they are also caring for little children who thrive on warm relationships and it is the strength of the relationships which makes School Transition so positive.

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