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Ofsted Inspection says The Haven 2000 is Outstanding Again !

Ofsted inspected the Haven 2000 Nursery and Preschool on the 27th of August 2014. Ofsted give absolutely no warning to settings such as ours and so we are doubly proud that the level of excellence she found was a daily occurrence.

The inspector said

“Children are happy self assured and confident. They benefit from a highly motivated dedicated staff team who know the children well and provide excellent care and education. The quality of teaching and learning is exceptional as staff have an excellent knowledge of how children learn.

This is supported through precise accurate assessment and planning for individual children to ensure they make outstanding progress. Children are extremely safe in an environment that is secure and stimulating. Staff demonstrate an excellent knowledge of safeguarding procedures and all other aspects of safety.

The leadership and management are extremely strong. They consistently review and evaluate their practice and the learning experiences they provide. The extremely well motivated staff work exceptionally well together to ensure all children thrive and enjoy an outstanding learning experience at all times.”

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