Our Rooms - Babies

Our baby room is a cosy area accommodating up to 9 babies. It is a calm environment that makes little ones feel secure and comfortable. The baby room’s mature and experienced team get to know each of the babies very well and consult with parents regularly to enable them to follow each little one’s individual home routine.

Our dedicated cot room allows our babies to sleep undisturbed by other children. This is equipped with CCTV, baby monitors and regularly checked by nursery staff.

Babies are observed very frequently and their activities and achievements are recorded in their development book which is available for parents to view at any time, we also provide parents with a termly progress report.

We use “Makaton” signing with the babies to help them communicate with us and each other at this pre-linguistic stage.

Baby play focuses on the development of sensory skills. We encourage our babies to think, explore and experiment. Haven babies go out in the garden at least twice a day, helping them to build environmental awareness of the great outdoors (except in extreme weather conditions).

Our staff are enthusiastic about sharing with you everything your child has done that day.


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