Our Rooms - The In Betweenies

Children progress through to the Inbetweenies around the age of two. They are called the Inbetweenies because they are at that toddler stage in between being a baby and a more independent young child. There is a big emphasis on sharing, socialising at this stage and a focus on the learning of new skills.

As you can imagine the Inbetweenies staff are experienced at dealing with all the changes that occur at this stage, such as toilet training, early language and toddler behaviour.

Makaton Signing is used with inbetweenies alongside their developing language. The use of signing assists children to communicate with less frustration.

Inbetweenies have a dedicated sleep room, allowing them to sleep undisturbed. This is equipped with CCTV and is regularly checked when children are asleep.

Children are observed very frequently and their activities and achievements are recorded in their individual development book which is available to parents at any time. We also provide our parents with a Term Progress Report.

To help a child feel secure our team constantly work to establish a consistent approach and firm links between a child’s home life and their time at nursery.

The In Betweenies

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