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Christmas Events

Monday 12th December   – Carol Concerts 10.30 am and again 2.30 pm. Parents/Carers please come at 10 am or 2pm to have a hot drink and mince pie in the sleep room and then take your seat outside to watch your child in the concert. If your child does not usually attend that day they will be very welcome to come. We can only allow two tickets per family. Each concert will last approximately 30 minutes. Every child and adult will be outside for the concert so we will close the gates at 2.30 and at 10.30. Parking in our car park will be extremely limited. Please do not block anyone in or obscure the turning area especially as so many Parents have to collect children from school. Please return this form to the office to receive tickets.

Tuesday 13th December 10 am Father Christmas – If you would like your child to see Santa at The Haven, please bring to the Office, a wrapped and named , stocking filler gift, by Friday 9th of December. You are very welcome to accompany your child.

Wednesday 14th December – Christmas parties in the morning and the afternoon for the children in attendance on that day.

Thursday 15th December – Staff and children eat Christmas dinner together. (All dietary requirements are observed)

Friday 16th December – Christmas Card Posting at the Post Box on Linden Rd. leaving The Haven at 9.30 a.m. All staff and children walk or travel in buggies to the post box where we make an impressive sight and an even louder noise when we heartily sing Christmas songs beside the post box.   If your child does not attend they are very welcome to accompany you. We always need to recruit more adult helpers so please help if you can. Vivien will remain in the office. Maria writes the risk assessment which will be available on the notice board.

Parent/Carer Consultations Thursday 1st December

In response to the survey questions earlier in the year, many Parents/Carers requested appointment times at the consultation. We are piloting this so please sign for a ten minute appointment with one of your child’s key workers to read through your child’s Progress Report . After that please stay to read through your child’s development book and look at the displays. You are welcome to bring your child with you. Appointments will be from 6pm ending at 7.30 pm. If you come before that your child’s Key person will hand you the report and give daily feedback. You will be welcome to take your child to their room and read their Development book. Maria and Vivien will be free to talk with Parents and Carers in the evening about any issues and we would greatly appreciate your views on the system

Congratulations to Joelle ! She was handed her Level 3 in Communication Award by the Mayor of Bedford at the B.A.T.A.C. Awards ceremony this week. Joelle is also working towards her degree in Early Years and Childhood Studies and has just passed her Maths exam at Level 2. In addition to this, The Haven has been one of the settings selected by Bedford Borough to train for a Communication Friendly Award which will involve the entire Nursery and Preschool. We cannot achieve this without our families so we will certainly be keeping you informed of progress over the year and asking for your involvement.

Congratulations too to Tammy. She has led The Haven in an N.H.S. based oral health education project in collaboration with The Community Oral Health team and she is about to secure for us The Healthy Smiles Award. Thank you to all of the families who supported this project. 87% of children and babies at The Haven are now registered with a dentist. Nationally the figure is approximately 44 %. In addition to the routine brushing of teeth after lunch, every child took part in activities which raised their awareness of oral hygiene including healthy eating and healthy cooking. We have extended our snack menu to include even more “tooth friendly” foods. Please look at some fantastic photos showing great learning which is on the display board next to the garden. Look too, for information regarding; finding local dentists, the Healthy Start Scheme, Healthy Smile Month and the importance of vitamin D in a child’s diet. We’ve included information about just how much sugar is lurking in children’s favourite drinks and breakfast cereals. You may be surprised !


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