Why choose The Haven ?



Three key words summarise The Haven 2000; Safety, Values  and Empowerment.



The Haven 2000 is Covid Safe.

Policies and Procedures meet all legislative requirements and practice is regularly risk assessed.

Practitioners and Management are Safeguard, First Aid and PREVENT Qualified.

All 3 of the Management Team are qualified as Designated Lead Safeguards.

Management work alongside staff in the rooms.

All adults have been DBS checked.

There is a robust system of monitoring and supervision.

There is a very effective Key Person system in place.

CCTV monitors indoors and outdoors.

The door entry system controls who enters.

Children are taught how to keep themselves safe. They learn why they must wash their hands, cough in their elbow, brush their teeth, eat healthy food, hold the stair bannister, avoid walking in front of the swing, follow instructions, do fire drills and safeguard themselves through the NSPCC PANTS and Road Safety campaigns.



Everyone gets to know one another’s key children so that every child is comfortable and familiar with every adult. This is one of the reasons children find it easy to transition to the next room.

Because we practice British Values each child is aware of their uniqueness and how important they are to one another.

Families are made to feel welcome. Sharing their unique knowledge of their child is paramount to developing a sense of belonging.



Our intention is to empower children, Practitioners, Managers and Parents and Carers with skills and knowledge needed, to create the best outcomes possible for each child who attends The Haven 2000.

We deliver a varied curriculum which gives children the skills and knowledge they will need by the time they make the transition to school. We keep them safe and teach them how to safeguard themselves.

We use Continual Professional Development to enhance and improve Practitioner and Management performance.

We consult with Parents and Carers and share information which helps them support their child’s educational and developmental journey at each stage. Outcomes are measured in terms of achievement, well being and Parent/Carer satisfaction.




So what do Families say about us ?

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